Are you seeing Google Drive warnings?

Are you seeing a scary WILL BE DELETED warning in Google Drive?

A screenshot with a red button that says will be deleted and a description explaining that the owner is no longer affiliated with the university

The owner of this file has left the university. Their account and contents they own have been scheduled to be deleted. The deletion will generally occur six months after their final separation/departure date, often referred to as the expiration date. You may have thought you owned this content, but Google permissions are not intuitive. If you are seeing this message, you do not own the file, and you should take action if the file needs to be retained.

No content will be deleted prior to September 2024.

How to search for content scheduled for deletion

You can find videos and other resources explaining how to search for content on our video tutorials page.

How to retain control of this content

  • You can make a copy of the item

  • If content is research data sets, backups, or archives, it should be removed from Google altogether. Please visit our alternative storage solutions page for destination suggestions.