Organize My Content

Upcoming Departmental Workshops

Starting in fall 2023, we will be offering departmental workshops to assist with designing an effective content and storage organizational and collaboration strategy. 

Choose the best storage solution

Use the following guides to assist you in taking your inventory and choosing the best storage solutions:

Taking Your Content Inventory

If you're unsure what service you should use, or if you should move your content at all, you can ask Pathfinder, our virtual concierge! It will help you determine the best campus-provided resource for your needs. 

Ask Pathfinder

Collaboration best practices

Once you have determined the right place for your collaborative content, it is a good idea to define an organizational strategy with your colleagues. The following guides can help in establishing an effective strategy, including planning ahead to prevent data loss in the event of changes in your team.

Organizational Strategy for Collaborative Content

Use Google Shared Drives for Collaboration

If institutional or collaborative content/data is being stored in a Google account, it is a best practice to moved that content into a Google Shared Drive. Content in a Shared Drive is owned by the whole team instead of an individual account. This allows for this content to persist if one of the team members leaves the institution.

While individual accounts are subject to a Life Cycle (meaning any content or collaborative content owned by the individual will be deleted), active Shared Drives remain in tact even if members change.

There are other advantages to using Shared Drives over simply sharing a folder from your My Drive. Learn more about Shared Drives here

Google My Drive versus Shared Drives