Create Accounts and Lists for Individuals and Departments

Learn more about creating accounts and lists below.

My bConnected

Visit the mybConnected web page for quick access to settings and tools that let you manage your Google account and aliases and create and update mailing lists.

CalNet Account

New to Berkeley? View CalNet information for new users

bConnected Lists (Google Groups)

Create new mailing list

UC Berkeley account holders can create mailing lists using bConnected Lists (Google Groups). Mailing lists can be owned by individuals or CalNet Special Purpose Accounts (SPAs). Learn more about the bConnected Lists service

CalShare Account

CalShare (SharePoint) Login

If you are invited to join a CalShare site, you will need to login using your CalNet ID and passphrase. 

To request a CalShare site for your department, submit a CalShare Site Request.

Box Account

To create your Box account you simply need to login using your CalNet ID and passphrase. 

CalNet Special Purpose Account (SPA)

Special Purpose Accounts (SPAs) make collaborating easier! A SPA is a CalNet ID that can be shared by multiple users for collaborative purposes. Use the SPA for departmental or institutional ownership of content/data, or shared email account. Create New SPA.

Key benefits:

  • Users who directly log into a bConnected departmental account can view all the account settings (users using delegation only see a partial list of account settings)
  • When users who are directly logged in reply to a message, the From line will no longer have the phrase  <By way of {name}>
  • Enhanced security - no sharing of personal passwords!

Additional Resources: