Leaving UC Berkeley

Find information about bConnected account access when you are leaving UC Berkeley. Also see Account Eligibility information.

bMail (Gmail) Information

  • Upon separation, set an out of office responder on your bMail account alerting people of your departure, providing an alternative way to reach you or a departmental contact if desired. 
  • Once your CalNet grace period ends, your bMail account will be canceled* and you will not be able to access bMail (or Drive) data. Be sure to download a copy of your email before cancelation occurs using takeout.google.com. Note that you will need to use a third-party email client in order to import and access your downloaded email. 

*With the following exceptions:

  • Retirees can register for the Retiree bMail service to retain bMail account
  • Emeriti will retain bMail accounts 

bConnected Lists (Google Groups)

Visit the Manage Lists page to determine whether you need to delete or transfer ownership of mailing lists that you own. Consider transferring ownership to a Special Purpose Account(link is external) (SPA) rather than to an individual. 

Accessing former employee email or files

Please review the UC Berkeley Office of Ethics website for detailed information regarding accessing former employee email or files. 

bDrive information

If you own Google docs, forms, sheets, etc. content that is currently being used by individuals at UC Berkeley, or content otherwise owned by the university, make sure to change ownership to a Special Purpose Account (SPA). First share your document with the SPA account and then return to the sharing settings and use the permissions drop-down and select Transfer Ownership. 

You may also consider simply moving your content into a Shared Drive to transfer ownship from you to your department/unit/project team. 

Likewise, remove or transfer any personal information from bDrive to a personal account or file storage option. Learn how to download your bConnected account data using Google Takeout

Box information

Prior to leaving the university, make sure to transfer any instititionally owned content to a Special Purpose Account (SPA), or other individual at UC Berkeley to preserve retention of content.