Moving content into a Shared drive

How to move files and folders from My Drive to a Shared drive

  • As long as you have Contributor access or above in a Shared Drive, you can move files where you are an editor or owner from your My Drive or your Shared with me into that Shared Drive. 
  • When you move a file into a Shared Drive the ownership changes to the department/unit/team who owns the Shared drive. You will see a popup that says, "Ownership will transfer from you to UC Berkeley." 
  • In order to move folders from My Drive into a Shared Drive:
    • You need to be a Manager of the Shared Drive.
    • You will need to be aware of potential content move failures or restrictions. See Google’s help document, Move your organization's content to shared drives for more information.

    • Moving existing Forms to a Shared Drive: The upload file feature for Forms is not available in Shared drives. This type of publicly accessible Form should remain in your SPA's Drive. You can then add a shortcut to this Folder in the Shared drive. Alternatively, consider using campus' Qualtrics survey service which accepts file uploads:
    • You cannot move a folder that contains content owned by an account outside of This will cause the entire move to fail. 
    • If the move fails or not all your content moves successfully, it can be difficult to investigate. Google does not provide help or documentation regarding failed content moves. Typically errors are caused by the amount of content you are moving or because some portion of the content is owned by an account outside of Berkeley. Because of this, we recommend moving your content in small chunks rather than all at once. 
    • Some potential errors you might receive can be looked up on this Google support document.
  • Read more about how permissions compare between a My Drive and a Shared Drive and what happens when you move content from one to the other.

Steps to create and manage Google Shared Drives

We have a set of Video Tutorials about Shared Drives and how to move your content into them. These will cover everything you need to know. It should take about 30 minutes to watch all of them.

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