bConnected Roadmap Updates

bConnected Roadmap

Spring 2015

The bConnected Service team was established with a service manager, solutions architect, change manager, and communications specialist.

Summer 2015

Service Management

The Service Team evaluated and analyzed existing services and technologies, talking to users who use the services and making recommendations. During this time, we:

Communication & Outreach

  • Began offering Departmental Consultations & Workshops to assist departments in developing their collaboration strategies or supporting their faculty & staff in the adoption of collaboration technologies. We have had 12 departmental engagements thus far.

  • Relaunched the bConnected website including information on all bConnected services and an updated Transparency Report
  • Redirected CalMail web pages to bConnected website

Fall 2015

Service Management

Service & Operations Teams are evaluating Box, Google & related email services and responding to changes to the way email is delivered:  

  • SPAM Handling - Google to adopt stricter DMARC policies in 2016
  • Evaluating replacement options for CalMail Mailing Lists (Mailman)
  • Converting all remaining CalMail users to Google
    • All departments have now been migrated
    • Users will no longer be able to use Calmail SMTP to send mail in 2016
  • Working in coordination with the CalGroups (centralized groups management) team to plan for the rollout of Google Groups

Communication & Outreach

  • Improve our Communication & Change Management Process for:
    • On-going changes to services and new features introduced by Google & Box
    • Identification & communication about problems with our services
      • e.g., issues with SPAM handling
    • Communication during Outages & major service events
      • e.g., fire in the data center & recent Google Calendar outages

Spring 2016

bConnected Service & Operations Teams will be proposing a series of changes to our mail services:

  • Proposal for replacing Calmail Mailing Lists
  • Proposal for rolling out Google Groups
  • Proposal for changes to on-premise email routing and sending

Interested in learning more? Read the presentation from the One IT: Powering Communication Across Campus Town Hall.