About IT Productivity Suite

What is the IT Productivity Suite, and why do we need it?

Since 2012, IT Productivity Suite has provided the entire campus community with a common set of powerful, industry-standard tools to improve our ability to collaborate and communicate in a secure environment. By consolidating the procurement, vendor management, and distribution of a comprehensive suite of solutions, UC Berkeley saves money, increases efficiencies and promotes connectivity among faculty, students, and staff. 

What services are included in the IT Productivity Suite?

Google Workspace for Education (previously known as G Suite for Education) including:

  • bMail (Google email)
  • bCal (Google calendar)
  • bDrive (Google cloud storage and collaboration tool)
  • bConnected Lists (Google Groups)
  • Google Meet & Google Chat
  • Google Sites
  • Additional Google Apps

Adobe Creative Cloud, including:

  • Acrobat
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Additional Adobe Apps

Microsoft, including:

  • Microsoft Office 
  • Windows Operating Systems 
  • Infrastructure licensing for host of server products such as Active Directory
  • Box for Office Online

Box (cloud-hosted platform for storing and sharing files)

Zoom - included starting in Fiscal Year 2020-21

Qualtrics - included for Fiscal Year 2022-23

Who is covered under the IT Productivity Suite?

Active faculty and staff, as well as emeriti are eligible for IT Productivity Suite services.

What is the formula for determining my assessment amount?

It is based on faculty and staff headcount (excluding student workers and affiliates) in each department. The count is derived from the average of the two HR censuses taken in April and October of the prior calendar year. The average headcount is then multiplied by a unit charge per employee.

Why has my assessment changed from last year?

As staffing levels fluctuate from year to year, your assessment will change.

Why was the assessment fee raised in FY18?

Since 2012, the IT Productivity Suite (which includes Google Workspace for Education, Box, Microsoft, Adobe) has been heavily subsidized by IST. That subsidy was reduced as part of FY17 budget reductions, and further reduced as part of the FY18 budget reductions. 

What are the costs associated with IT Productivity Suite?

IT Productivity Suite costs include licensing and staffing fees associated with delivering these services. Since 2012, PS has been funded through an IST subsidy and a fee assessment program that provides the enter campus community with one suite of common services. 

Which fund numbers are accepted for this assessment?

Here's a list of acceptable funds: 19900, 19933, 20095, 19942, 65900, 686006975069799. The student funds are only allowed if none of the other funds are available.

My department doesn’t use these products, is there a way to opt out of IT Productivity Suite?

All departments and everyone on campus utilizes some combination of services from the IT Productivity Suite. Across the institution, some people may use more or less of any given service or tools, but we gain a tremendous efficiency and cost savings by making it a single suite. The primary service used by the entire campus community is Google Workspace for Education (bMail, bDrive, bCal, etc.).