Box Limits and Storage Information

  • 50GB storage quotas were implemented on accounts created July 8, 2020 or later.
  • In order to receive a storage limit increase you'll need to complete this form(link is external).
  • Please make sure that you are storing departmental data in SPA accounts rather than your personal account so that the data is not subject to the account lifecycle process. Additionally just a reminder that Box is only approved for active data, not backups or archives - this is restricted by the terms of our contract with Box. If you are using Box for inactive data (archive or backup purposes) please let us know(link sends e-mail) so that we can refer you to Research IT and they can assist you with a more appropriate storage location.
  • Finally, just a note that Box can't hold single files larger than 15GB, please let us know(link sends e-mail) if you have these as we'll need to work out a different solution with you.
  • Box storage limit increases are given incrementally rather than all at once. In the future, if you need another increase, you can submit the form again.

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What is Box?

An Introduction to Box - The Cloud Content Management Platform

Box allows users to share individual, group, or departmental files, including documents, photos, research, and more. 

Best Uses for Box?

Box is a good solution when you:

  • Need to manage a collection of files for your department or group, retaining departmental ownership of files
  • Want granular control over what each user is allowed to do with the files they have access to
  • Would like metadata, tags, and commenting features 
  • Want to utilize real-time co-authoring in Microsoft Office products
  • Need the ability to collaborate with colleagues outside of UC Berkeley

At a Glance

Key benefits:

  • Intuitive folder structure that allows for granular permissions
  • Collaborate with other users through sharing, commenting, and web-editing 
  • Box for Office Online allows you to create, manage, and use real-time co-authoring features in Microsoft Office online
  • With Box Notes you can take notes, in real-time with your team, without leaving Box
  • Mobile apps available
  • Desktop apps available that allow bConnected users to sync their Box accounts to desktops.

Specific features: 

  • Cloud-based hosting
  • Approved for UC P3 data (formerly UCB PL1)*
  • Data encrypted in transit and at rest 
  • 50GB storage caps were introduced for newly created accounts after June 22, 2020

*Box is not acceptable for any institutional data classified as "critical," including certain personally identifiable human subject data. Please visit the Security website for detailed information related to acceptable data use on Box. 

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