Eligibility for bConnected accounts


UC Berkeley faculty, emeriti, staff, students, concurrent enrollment students, visiting scholars, postdocs, and affiliates who have active CalNet IDs are eligible for bConnected Google and Box accounts.


Alumni and former attendees should refer to Alumni Email Changes for the latest information about email services available to alumni.

Alumni are not eligible for Box accounts at this time. Sign up for an individual box.com account.


Retirees may sign up for the Retiree bMail service through the UC Berkeley Retirement Center: https://retirement.berkeley.edu/bmail. Retirees are not eligible for Box accounts at this time. Sign up for an individual box.com account.


  • New undergraduate and graduate students are added to our database of within 72 hours of submitting their Statement of Intent to Register (SIR).
  • New faculty, staff, and affiliates are added to our database 48 hours after the department enters them into the HR System (UCPath).
  • Emeriti are able to keep their accounts indefinitely so long as their department enters their status as an emeriti in UCPath.
  • Retired faculty and staff may make arrangements to retain their Google accounts. Refer to The Retirement Center for more details.
  • Visiting scholars are eligible once they have paid their University Services fee. Refer to Visiting Researcher Scholar. Postdocs are eligible for bConnected accounts once they have been entered into UCPath.
  • A Special Purpose Account can be used to create both Google and Box accounts for departmental/institutional purposes.
  • CalNet Guest accounts are not eligible for either Google or Box accounts.

If your affiliation has not yet been updated in UCPath, please contact your HR Partner to expedite processing.

Updating Your Eligibility

If you believe that you were sent a cancellation notice in error, please see below for details on updating your eligibility.

  • Students: If you were not registered for classes during the past 9 months or have not filed for withdrawal, then you are not eligible to keep your bConnected account. If you believe there is an error, contact Cal Student Central, 120 Sproul Hall, (510) 642-9181.
  • Faculty, Staff and Emeritus Professors: Please contact your HR Partner to update your status.
  • Visiting Scholars and Postdocs: Please verify that you have paid your Visiting Scholar annual fees to the Visiting Scholars and Postdoc Affairs office, and then contact your HR Partner to update your status.
  • Retired employees: Please contact the Retirement Center at ucbrc@berkeley.edu(link sends e-mail) or (510) 642-5461.

All Other Affiliates: Please contact your HR Partner to update your status.

Cancellation of Accounts

Individuals are eligible for bConnected accounts based on their current affiliation. If your affiliation has lapsed or has been terminated, your accounts will be cancelled. Individuals are provided with eligibility grace periods as circumstances permit, and will be provided with a courtesy email notification prior to account cancellation in most cases.


Please review CalNet's Grace Periods by Affiliation for more details.