Google Storage Project

Are you seeing Google Drive warnings?

Are you seeing a scary WILL BE DELETED warning in Google Drive?

A screenshot with a red button that says will be deleted and a description explaining that the owner is no longer affiliated with the university

The owner of this file has left the university. Their account and contents they own have been scheduled to be deleted. The deletion will generally occur six months after their...

When are the new storage limits going to be enforced?

All remaining individual accounts will have a 150 GB limit applied on January 23, 2024.

SPAs will need to be within their new limits by June 2024.

Shared Drives will need to be within their new limits by June 2024, or have an Expanded Shared Drive or Pass Through Pay Option agreement in place.

Alumni accounts will have a 5 GB limit applied on July 15, 2024

What are the storage limits for Berkeley Google accounts?

Storage limits will be applied in multiple phases.

July 5, 2023 All newly created individual accounts will have a 50 GB limit applied All individual accounts with 35 GB of content or less will have a 50 GB limit applied. All individual accounts with 36 - 150 GB of content will have a 150 GB extended limit applied. All individual accounts with more than 150 GB of content will maintain their current limit until January 24, 2024 July 1, 2024 - all remaining individual accounts will have a 150 GB limit applied. July 1, 2024 All SPA My...


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Can a student create a Shared Drive?

No. However, if the student is working on a group project with a Lab or other research group, the faculty member can create the Shared Drive and the team members, including the student, can use it.

How do I check my Google account storage usage?

To see the breakdown of usage in your Google account, go to

To see all the files in your Google MyDrive sorted by usage, go to

To find how much you are storing in your Shared Drive go to

What happens if I go over my individual storage limit?

If your individual account is over the limit on January 23, 2024 you will not be able to edit existing documents or upload new items in Google Drive. Email will work normally. No content will be deleted. Once you remove content so that you are below your quota your account will go back to operating normally. You can find more information about the various storage limit banners and notifications in the Knowledge Base.

How will the storage limits work with SPAs and shared drives?

SPAs will need to reduce content in their My Drive space to be below 150 GB by June 2024. Shared Drives that do not have a special arrangement in place will also need to be within 150 GB by June 2024.

What do I need to do now to prepare for the new storage limits?

The vast majority of the community will not need to take any action at all! However, If you would like to prepare for lower storage limits that will be implemented later in the project, you can review your existing content in Google Drive, Google Photos, and bMail and delete anything you are comfortable with deleting, especially backups of backups, archives, and extremely out of date records/emails. Make sure you are staying within compliance requirements for records retention.

This is just a recommendation; you are responsible for determining...