Helpful How-Tos

Saving Content Scheduled for Deletion

We have created a set of video tutorials to help you with this process. Please watch all the videos before you get started.

Reduce your content quickly

The top 5 things you can do right now to reduce your Google account storage:

Quick Tips For Reducing Your Google Storage

Quickly Clean Out Your Gmail

Transfer Photos to personal Google account

Migrate your content with ease

Get help migrating your content from one service to another. More help documents will be added:

Moving content from My Drive to a Shared Drive

Best strategies for collaboration

Collaborating on a departmental team or project? Consider working with your group to design an organizational strategy that works!

Check out the resources and guides available at Organize My Content.

Steps to create and manage Google Shared Drives

We have a set of Video Tutorials about Shared Drives and how to move your content into them. These will cover everything you need to know. It should take about 30 minutes to watch all of them.

Info: Overview of Shared Drives

Info: Find your Shared Drive Usage

Info: My Drive vs. Shared drives vs. Shared with me

How-to: Create a Shared Drive and manage Members

How-to: Moving content into a Shared drive

Use Box to collaborate like Google

You can not only use native Google docs and Microsoft docs in Box, but collaboration is easy and allows for seven levels of sharing permissions. Learn more about making the switch:

Switching from Google to Box