Storage Options

The bconnected team has compiled ways in which Box account holders can adapt to storage limits. This page will be updated as we gather more information about options.



  • Remove unneeded files and empty the trash

  • Move any personal non-academic, non-work related files out of UC Berkeley storage accounts

UC Berkeley Back Up or Archive Alternatives

UC Berkeley Box Paid

  • We are examining possibilities for expanded use of Box storage on campus, potentially as a recharge-based service.

  • To learn more, submit your interest in paid expanded Box storage options.

Not Recommended

Migration to Gdrive

  • Gdrive will have storage limits applied in the future. The bConnected team does not recommend migration of archive or backup data from Box to Gdrive for long-term storage.

Hard disk, tape, or network attached storage

  • The bConnected team does not recommend migrating backup or archive data to hard disk, tape, or network attached storage due to lack of replication, physical placement in a earthquake/fire/power-outage zone, and risks related to low quality hardware.

Other Storage Services

External Services 

  • There are other vendors which provide backup and archive services. We have not reviewed or vetted any of those options.