Alumni Renewal Process

Eligible Alumni include:

  1. Alumni who have a pre-existing active Google account and an active CalNetID and passphrase; and/or
  2. Recent graduates (whose grace period ended after September 2023) who are alumni or former attendees of full-time UC Berkeley undergraduate or graduate degree programs with more than 12 completed course hours.

Steps to Renew:

  1. Review new Berkeley Alumni Email Service Level Agreement for 2024

  2. Renew your alumni email account (Must login using Google account using CalNet ID & passphrase)

NOTE: The "Renew your alumni email account" form is NOT intended for ACTIVE students, faculty, or staff who are also alumni.  This renewal ONLY applies to people who have no other eligibility for email services other than as an alum.

What address do I use to login when I renew?

  1. Login to Google using the email address provided in the To: field of messages sent to you about this change.
  2. Enter your CalNet ID and Passphrase when presented with the CalNet Authentication Service page.
    1. The part before the @ symbol in the To: field of this message is your CalNet ID
    2. You can Reset Passphrase if you can no longer remember it.
  3. Check the Email section of your Google profile to see all of your alternate email addresses.