Changes to Box Storage Service

October 1, 2021

We want to share two key changes taking place to the UC Berkeley provided Box accounts on Oct. 27, 2021. 

Box Storage Limitations (Quotas) 

Starting Oct. 27, 2021, the following quotas will apply to Box accounts created before July 2020:

  • Individual Accounts: 50GB 

  • Special Purpose Accounts (SPAs): 500GB 

If your Box storage currently exceeds these values, your quota will be established at 10% above current usage. Based on our information, the majority of people will not be affected by the new quota. To understand if this change will affect you, view your Box account usage at, then scroll down to "Account Details" and look for "Storage Used." We are working with the largest account holders directly to help them develop a plan of action for their storage needs. For Box accounts within the quota limits, there is no action to take at this time. 

If you choose to take action with your files in Box, please do not migrate to Google Drive as that service will also undergo cost changes in the near future. If you are concerned about exceeding these quotas, please review Storage Options

30 Day Retention for Trash 

Starting Oct. 27, 2021 files in the trash will automatically be emptied 30 days after being put in the trash. Files in trash that are 30+ days old when the setting change goes into effect will not be emptied for 30 days, which will be Nov. 26, 2021. Previously, trashed items were retained until manually emptied. This change allows Box and Google Drive to match retention policies for trash items.

Why is this happening?

These are the first of several Box service modifications occurring in the next year to limit upcoming cost increases. Learn more at the storage changes project website