Email Simplification Program (COMPLETED)

Project Completed

Our existing on-premise email infrastructure is aging, and needs to be replaced. 

Email Simplification Program Details

The Email Simplification Program (ESP) modernizes our email systems in four ways:

Route Centrally Managed Domains to Google

  • Route inbound mail directly to Google for all domains
  • Convert existing redirects to email aliases
  • Allow domain admins to create groups and apply aliases
  • Retire Proofpoint email sanitation appliances
  • Retire Sentrion mail transfer agents

 Simplify & Manage Campus Outgoing Mail Services

  • Migrate users & multifunction devices to Google SMTP
  • Migrate non-bulk, public IP systems to Google SMTP
  • Provide outgoing mail service for ~500 approved systems on non-routable (RFC-1918) networks via a Private IP SMTP service.
  • Retire CalMail SMTP servers (Exim)

Provide Alumni & Retirees with Google Accounts

  • Allow recent & new alumni to keep Google accounts
  • Offer migration path to accounts for existing alumni
  • Offer migration path to accounts for staff retirees
  • Retire email forwarding services for alumni & retirees

Migrate CalMail List Service with Google Groups

  • Allow user to easily migrate mailing lists
  • Offer new mailing list service using Google Groups
  • CalGroups integration with Google Groups
  • Retire CalMail Lists servers (Mailman)