New anti-spam email requirements in February 2024

January 17, 2024

In response to Google [1] and Yahoo [2] anti-spam policy changes taking effect in 2024, all new email will need to meet a higher security standard than in the past.

For mail sent out via Google Mail accounts, Google Groups, and with the mail merge tool YAMM, we’ve completed the configuration steps to meet the new requirements.

For mail sent out from other systems (like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, etc.), that mail needs to be authenticated according to the new requirements. Many departments have already completed these steps, and will not notice any issues.

To get started, check with your vendor or system administrator about DKIM signing this mail. Major mailing vendors support DKIM and each will have their own instructions that boil down to, 1) get a DKIM key and 2) provide that to your IT staff.

Once you have DKIM key or other details from your vendor, please enter it in our DKIM Request Form [3] and we’ll get in contact when that has been added, or if we have any questions.

If in doubt, please ask. We’re happier to have helped people determine that things are fine, than to have to help fix a deliverability issue that could have been avoided.

Referenced Links:

[1] Google's post about the stricter new requirements
[2] Yahoo’s post about enforcing email standards
[3] DKIM request form