Mailing list creation freeze in CalMail

April 18, 2016

The last day to create a new CalMail mailing list is April 21, 2016. Your next opportunity to create a mailing list will be April 27, 2016 as part of the bConnected Lists service. CalMail lists created within subdomains are not impacted at this time. 

CAUTION: Do not create Google Groups using “”. UC Berkeley’s bConnected Lists will be created via Manage Your Lists.

If you see the following message:

 You are creating a group on an external service using an account that is managed by Please think carefully before you create such a group, since it may be publicly visible and appear in search results

you are creating a group in the consumer version of Google Groups. Consumer Google Apps are not subject to the agreements that UC Berkeley has in place with Google regarding privacy, security, government access, and support.

Beginning on April 27, 2016, you can create a bConnected List, which is fully supported by UC Berkeley and is covered by our contractual agreement with Google, starting from For more information about these two products review: What is the difference between Groups and Groups for Business (bConnected Lists).

Note: It is not possible to migrate a group created in the consumer version of Google Groups to bConnected Lists.