Box Drive is coming March 29, 2018

March 19, 2018

Box Drive will be available for all users starting March 29, 2018! Box Drive is a desktop app that makes it incredibly easy to work with all of your files — even billions of files — right from your desktop, without using up much hard drive space. 

Box Drive Image

Why use Box Drive?

  • Finally get everyone in the cloud. Box Drive is easy for teams to learn and use because it’s grounded in what they already know: the desktop.
  • Replace costly network file shares. Working with files in Box Drive is similar to working with files in a network file share, but features like external collaboration, search and version control make it better in every possible way.
  • Ensure security and compliance. With Box Drive, you have the same enterprise-grade security and compliance capabilities you do with Box, just on the desktop.

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Already on the Box Drive public beta?

No action is required! Existing public beta users will receive a regular auto-update with the GA version around the time of general availability.