Access Box like a mounted drive: try the Box Drive public beta!

June 15, 2017

Box just announced the availability of a public beta version of their new “Box Drive” app.

Box Drive is the upcoming replacement for Box Sync. The major new feature is that Box Drive makes Box appear to be a mounted network drive on your computer, meaning that you will have access to all of your files and folders on Box, without having to sync them down to your computer.

Known limitations

  • Box Drive does not yet include the ability to save files for offline access, and will not work properly if Box Sync is installed on the same computer. If you need offline access to your files, continue to use Box Sync until offline support is added to Box Drive.
  • Box Drive is beta (pre-release) software, and therefore not currently supported by Campus Shared Services (CSS) or IST.
  • There are also other known limitations.

How to install Box Drive

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