Yahoo Messages Rejected from Mailing Lists

Yahoo messages are no longer accepted by campus mailing lists. Yahoo accounts will still receive mailing list postings but will not be able to post or reply. 

Here's why: In mid-2014, Yahoo implemented a DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) "reject" policy that can break campus mailing lists. The anti-phishing policy requires most major email service providers to reject or "bounce" messages that say they are from a Yahoo email address but are coming from somewhere else (in this case, If messages are rejected, email addresses may be disabled from the mailing list. 

What to do: If you are currently using a Yahoo account with a campus mailing list, switch to another email service provider, such as a bConnected account or consumer Gmail account. If we are able to resolve this issue we will post an update on this website. 


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