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Software Central is a complete list of no- and low-cost software available for download by the campus community.


Log into email, calendar, and storage


Welcome to bConnected! We provide a set of online communication and collaboration applications including Mail, Calendar, Chat, Contacts, and Drive. As part of Google Apps for Education, these apps help facilitate teaching, learning, research, and administrative functions across campus. Log in once, then open different tools using the grid at the top right of the bConnected screen. Read more

Departmental Account Login


**New Login Procedure** You must be completely logged out and open a different browser to log in using the full departmental account email address (including @berkeley.edu), plus the key (as the password). Read more.

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What is Enabled?

UC Berkeley’s contract with Google includes access to specific core services: Mail (bMail), calendar (bCal), Drive/Docs (bDrive), and Contacts.

Some Google Apps such as Search and Maps do not require an account and you may access them freely from your bConnected navigation bar. Other Google Apps services (Mobile, YouTube) are non-core services and are not under consideration at this time. Read More

Tip of the Week

Use Drive to create a form or survey and get an automatic email notification when a response is submitted. Read More

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