What’s the project plan?

The UC Berkeley Box Transition team will work to make the change as seamless as possible for the campus community. This is the tentative high-level plan for the next three years. This plan will change as the project progresses. 

Year 1: March 2020-March 2021

  • Discovery Phase

    • Understand how people are using Box;

    • Conduct outreach with those most heavily impacted by the change; 

    • Host webinars to explain changes and answer questions;

  • Quick wins to limit growth and reduce usage

    • Re-implement 50GB quotas on Box usage for most accounts. Accounts with more than 50GB stored will be grandfathered in for additional storage until later time. 

    • Conduct cleanup of expired and ineligible accounts

  • Early adopter migrations

    • Explore migration options and new services with early adopters and users with high usage.

    • Provide initial recommendations for alternative solutions based on use case

Year 2: April 2021-March 2022

  • Focus on migration of as many Box users as possible to the solutions identified in year 1.

Year 3: April 2022-March 2023

  • Finish migration of Box users to alternative solutions

  • Examine possibilities for continued use of Box services on campus, perhaps as a recharge-based service for scaled back population